10 TV Shows for Antique Lovers

TV is an ever-expanding network. The more the years go by, the more TV shows they air. Sometimes it's complete rubbish, but when there is a new TV show for antique lovers, that's when we need to sharpen our eyes and ears!
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While TV shows evolve and digitalize more and more, with upcoming streaming sites like Netflix, they also stream more about antiques than ever before. They are perfect to gather some extra knowledge about the wonderful world of antiques. Unfortunately none of the 11 richest antique collectors in the world feature in a TV show for antique lovers, but they do have a whole lot of other experts!

Four Rooms

Do you have a piece of antique in the attic and do you want to know the value of it, and even sell it? In this show members of the public attempt to sell their antique pieces in exchange for a cash offer. The participants go to one or more of the four dealers, who sit in different rooms. Participants can opt not to sell it to just gain information from antique experts or can have bad luck underselling it. Everyone reveals their highest bid at the end of the show.

You can watch the show on Channel 4 or Netflix.

Bargain Hunt

Two teams, the reds and the blues, each consisting of two amateur collectors both get 300 pounds to start with. They have only got one hour to scour an antique fair. Several weeks later, the items will be sold at auctions. The team that makes the most profit -or the least loss- wins!

You can watch the back catalogue at 12:30 pm GMT most days on BBC One or the old episodes on iPlayer.

Escape to the Chateau

Watch how Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel renovate and restore their 19th-century chateau in the Pays de la Loire region of France. This series is escapism at its finest. Can’t get enough of the series? Then you can watch the spin-off series Escape to the Chateau: DIY, where the couple offers advice to fellow Britains who want to run their own chateau business in France.

Watch this TV show for antique lovers, as well as the spin-off series, on Channel 4.

Richer Than You Think

In this Belgian art and antique TV show, people from the public can have their pieces appraised or get more explanation from experts in the field. For every specific field their is an expert in the building: from paintings to toys and from music instruments to porcelain. Each episode is shot at an extraordinary location in Belgium, such as the renewed harbour house in Antwerp, Château of Val-Duchesse in Brussels, the renovated halls of the Antwerp Zoo, and the Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen.

This TV show is only available in Dutch on VTM Go.

The Repair Shop

In The Repair Shop, Jay Blades’ team of experts restores amazing pieces of antique found in homes across Britain.

The Repair Shop is one of the 10 tv shows for antique lovers.

Watch this antique show every Wednesday at 8 pm on BBC Two and the old series on their iPlayer.

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow is the oldest antique show on television. During the one-hour episodes, you can enjoy expertise and entertainment from venues all across Britain.

BBC One streams this TV show for antique lovers via their iPlayer, or you can watch it on their regular TV channel every Thursday at 8 pm GMT.

Antiques Road Trip

Just like in the Roadshow, Antique Road Trip sees antique experts travel all over Britain. In this show, the experts buy pieces from local dealers and compete to make the most at auction.

You can watch this show daily at 4:30 pm GMT on BBC One or stream it on their iPlayer.

Fake or Fortune

In this series, we see a familiar face! Antiques Roadshow art expert Philip Mould and journalist Fiona Bruce investigate the stories behind some illustrious paintings.

Fake or Fortune? is one of the 10 tv shows for antique lovers.
Copyright: BBC

Watch the show on BBC’s iPlayer.

Money for Nothing

Entrepreneurs Sarah Moore and former Homes & Antiques columnist Jay Blades try reselling vintage pieces they find at local recycling centres.

You can watch this series daily on BBC Two at either 3:45 pm GMT or 4:30 pm GMT, on their iPlayer, or on Netflix.

Salvage Hunters

Just like Jay Blades from Money for Nothing, Drew Pritchard is a former Homes & Antiques columnist. The treasure hunter travels across Britain in search of weird and wonderful antiques.

Salvage Hunters is one of the 10 tv shows for antique lovers.
CC BY-SA 4.0 - Goodwillgames

Watch this TV show for antique lovers on Discovery+.

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