Patek Philippe supercomplication watch Which antiques and collectibles are the most expensive ever sold at auction?

In recent decades, various artists, furniture makers and even scientists have left beautiful pieces behind. Antiques come in many forms and prices. The various objects increase in value and become more sought-after. Not only for museums, but also for personal collections, as an investment or for reselling. Discover some of the most valuable collectibles ever […]

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In this list, you’ll find the 10 most expensive classic cars ever sold at auction. These toys for boys are true classics.

Top 10 coins to collect. 10 Coins To Collect

People have always collected coins: due to their value, their looks, or their rarity. But which ones are worth investing in? These are 10 coins to collect if you want to have true value for your money!

TV-shows-header 10 TV Shows for Antique Lovers

TV is an ever-expanding network. The more the years go by, the more TV shows they air. Sometimes it’s complete rubbish, but when there is a new TV show for antique lovers, that’s when we need to sharpen our eyes and ears!

The 3 Best Investment Watches You Can Buy in 2021

To name the 3 best investment watches is a very hard task. Watches follow trends and it’s hard to say which ones will increase in value and which ones won’t. Yet, we listed our top 3.

Bernard Arnault is the richest antique collector in the world 11 Richest Antique Collectors in the World

These 11 richest antique collectors are the perfect example that you can make a lot of money collecting, buying, and selling antiques.

Rolex Day-Date Timeless and prestigious: the exclusive Rolex and Bucherer watches

Rolex and Bucherer watches are globally associated with luxury and prestige. The watches are especially manufactured with a meticulous eye for detail. Both brands offer a wide range from classic to professional watches, for every wrist. On the antique market, you will also find many of their watches. The watches are timeless and resistant to […]

Mercedes-Benz 350SL Mercedes-Benz 350SL from 1971

A classic Mercedes-Benz 350SL from 1971… The perfect collectible!

Office Leuven The Road to Leuven

Leuven, we all know this ancient city, the ideal place to create the best experience for our members.

founding story The founding story of Transferantique

Transferantique, a platform for antique dealers by antique dealers. A place where professional traders make their antique pearls available for sale.