Rolex Day-Date

Timeless and prestigious: the exclusive Rolex and Bucherer watches

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Rolex and Bucherer watches are globally associated with luxury and prestige. The watches are especially manufactured with a meticulous eye for detail. Both brands offer a wide range from classic to professional watches, for every wrist. On the antique market, you will also find many of their watches. The watches are timeless and resistant to the ravages of time. Truly a perfect combination of style and functionality.

The Rolex Day-Date


The Rolex Day-Date was originally launched in 1956. This type was the first waterproof and automatic wrist chronometer, with a modern calendar. In addition to the date, the calendar also showed a fully written out day indication. This prestigious model is considered to be the ultimate status watch thanks to its unparalleled precision, reliability, readability and appearance. The fact that it is worn by more presidents, leaders and visionaries than any other watch has everything to do with it. 

This Rolex Day-Date originates from 1977. This type (ref 18038) of 18kt yellow gold with gold dial and President strap is truly in top condition. Refinement and comfort. The value? 16.000euro. With this in mind, a Rolex definitely is a valuable investment.

The Bucherer Moonphase

The Bucherer Moonphase

The Carl F. Bucherer moonphase watches are designed for lovers of classic watches. The watches represent the different phases of the moon. The moon has long been regarded as a mysterious force, responsible for the tides. Thanks to the moonphase watch, you always know in which phase the moon is: clear or dim, a full circle or a slender sickle. 

This Bucherer moonphase type (ref 78790) is originally from 1991. The leather strap is in good condition because the gold watch has been in a safe for 12 years (!). The value? 1.250euro.

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